Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal Planning - Reduce Stress and Eat Healthier

Meal planning is the ideal way to make sure you are getting variety in your diet.  It helps you avoid eating processed foods and eating out.  It saves time and money...and reduces stress in the home. 

I often post about meal planning but the feedback I get is that people don't really know where to start.  I recommend focusing on dinners.  To make it even easier, I have included my weekly meal plan for January.

Things to note: We are not vegetarians.  My meals plans are a compromise between my children and I.  Mondays and Tuesdays are out busiest after school days so heating up homemade soup and putting taco ingredients on the table as doable in less than 15 minutes.  Extra Monday soup and Thursday chili will be for my lunches.  I shop Fridays but do pick up some fresh bread for Monday soup night.  We are not fruit at dinner kind of people.  We eat it as snacks throughout the day.

Sunday Dinner
Roast Chicken
Roasted veggies
(make stock and Monday soup)

Monday Dinner
Chicken and veggie soup
Yummy bread

Tuesday Dinner
Taco Tuesday with shredded chicken, lettuce, cheese, salsa

Wednesday Dinner
Couscous (use chicken stock)
Steamed broccoli

Thursday Dinner
Crock pot chili

Friday Dinner
Chicken strips
French fries
Veggie plate

Saturday Dinner
White fish
White sauce
Veggie plate


  1. I love the idea of meal planning, my only problem is that I have a household full of picky eaters. Nicholas (4.5) will eat veggies, but not sauces, meat or things mixed together. Claire (2.5) will eat some fruit, only peas, some meat and no sauces and Blair (hubby) doesn't like sauces, beans or chilli. So, how can I make a meal plan when I've got three picky eaters who won't try new foods or food combos? any ideas, I would love to hear from you.

  2. My response got too long so I turned it into a post :-)


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