Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Reasons Pregnant Women Need a Strong Pelvic Floor

  1. To prevent urinary incontinence.  A strong pelvic floor prevents embarrassing accidents before and after birth.
  2. To avoid tearing or the need for episiotomy during the pushing stage of labour.  Toned pelvic floor muscles are more elastic and able to stretch out of the way so baby can pass through.
  3. To prevent back pain and injuries.  Your pelvic floor is part of your core.  In fact, it is the centre of your core.  It needs to be activated for your core to work 100%.  A strong core prevents back pain and injuries.
  4. To prevent prolapse.  Women with toned pelvic floor muscles have a lower risk of prolapsed organs (ex. Uterus) during labour.
  5. To rehabilitate your core postpartum.  If you know where those muscles are now, it will be much easier to find them after baby arrives.
All Fit 4 Two® Classes include information and exercises that will help you strengthen your pelvic floor. 

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