Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Workouts

The sun finally graced us here in Vancouver. For those who are not aware, Vancouver is famous for grey, rainy when the sun shines....we get outdoors.  The sea wall and parks were packed with Vancouverites enjoying everything from cycling to ball hockey. 

My friend and colleague Dee from Fit 4 Two Vancouver Westside and I started the day off with some snowshoeing up at Grouse Mountain.  Just a 20 minute drive away, it is a good reminder of why Vancouver is such a great city to live in.

In the afternoon I snuck in a strength training workout with resistance bands at the park while my children played.  The highlight was teaching some fellow parents how to use the resistance bands too.  Perhaps we'll end up with a weekly workout while the kiddies play.  

What do you do for exercise in the winter?

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