Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Become a Birth Partner

 ...because ALL women deserve safe and supportive birth experiences

I am excited to announce that Fit 4 Two has partnered with the Shanti Uganda Society.  As a Shanti Uganda Ambassador, my role is to share my passion for this amazing organization. 

“We imagine a world where birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS are supported, empowered and able to develop to their full potential.” – The Shanti Uganda Vision

I have been a Shanti Uganda Birth Partner for two years.  This means I have committed to a monthly donation that covers the costs associated with one birth per month at the Shanti Uganda Birth House.   As a mother, and as a Fit 4 Two instructor, being able to contribute to Shanti Uganda is a meaningful way for me to contribute to positive childbirth experiences for all women.

Currently many women in Uganda have no access to medical support when complications arise during the birth process. By the time they make their way on the back of a bumpy motorcycle ride to the closest clinic, it is often too late.  Shanti Uganda’s  goal is to lower maternal and infant mortality rates, reduce HIV/AIDS transmission rates from mother to child, improve birth outcomes and access to education for Traditional Birth Attendants and provide a safe and empowering place for women to welcome their babies into the world.  In addition to the women they support, Shanti Uganda has also hired many of the local men to help run the birth house and support our work.  

If you would like to help support the pre and postnatal care of women and babies at the Shanti Uganda birth house, join me and become a Shanti Uganda Birth Partner today!   

Thank You Gift:  When signing up, select 'Fit 4 Two' in the 'How you learned about Birth Partners' drop down and you'll be sent a special multi-colour necklace made by Shanti Uganda's Women's Income Generating Group.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cross-training for Pregnancy

Research shows that cross-training can increase performance and prevent injury.  That's why it rocks for pregnancy.

Due to the many anatomical and physiological changes of pregnancy, moms-to-be are more prone to back pain and musculoskeletal injuries.  Therefore, cross-training just makes sense.

Monday Prenatal Yoga
Tuesday Power Walk/Jog and stretch
Wednesday Prenatal Fitness
Friday Prenatal AquaFit
Sunday Cardio/strength training/stretch at the gym

With this program, you would be getting the recommended 4 days of cardio a week.  The cardio varies in type and environment therefore reducing overuse injuries.  You will also be getting in 3-4 days of muscular conditioning and 5 days of flexibility. A weekly aquatic workout gives you an opportunity for a very low/no impact workout as well as a circulation boost. You will also notice a significant increase in range of motion.  A weekly prenatal yoga class is fantastic for strength, flexibility, relaxation and breath awareness.

Cross-training also reduces boredom and increases program adherence.  We recommend scheduling your workouts in each week so you can get a global view.  So grab your calendar and get started!

See you at class.

Money Saving Tips for Sun Safety

Safe sun screen, sun shades, sun glasses...these things add up.  Here are some money saving tips:

1. Buy a universal stroller sun cover.  We like this one from Jolly Jumper.  At $14.99 it is much more affordable than most brand name stroller specific covers. Plus the universal covers can also be used on playpens, carriers and umbrella strollers.

2. Use a stroller sun cover.  If you use a sun cover, you do not need to use sunscreen as often.

3. Dress baby in light weight, breathable long sleeved tops, long pants, socks and a hat.  All that's left to slather is from the neck up.

4. Invest in safe sunscreen.  Read the EWG (Skin Deep)'s 2012 Sunscreen Report here.