Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cross-training for Pregnancy

Research shows that cross-training can increase performance and prevent injury.  That's why it rocks for pregnancy.

Due to the many anatomical and physiological changes of pregnancy, moms-to-be are more prone to back pain and musculoskeletal injuries.  Therefore, cross-training just makes sense.

Monday Prenatal Yoga
Tuesday Power Walk/Jog and stretch
Wednesday Prenatal Fitness
Friday Prenatal AquaFit
Sunday Cardio/strength training/stretch at the gym

With this program, you would be getting the recommended 4 days of cardio a week.  The cardio varies in type and environment therefore reducing overuse injuries.  You will also be getting in 3-4 days of muscular conditioning and 5 days of flexibility. A weekly aquatic workout gives you an opportunity for a very low/no impact workout as well as a circulation boost. You will also notice a significant increase in range of motion.  A weekly prenatal yoga class is fantastic for strength, flexibility, relaxation and breath awareness.

Cross-training also reduces boredom and increases program adherence.  We recommend scheduling your workouts in each week so you can get a global view.  So grab your calendar and get started!

See you at class.

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