Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Money Saving Tips for Sun Safety

Safe sun screen, sun shades, sun glasses...these things add up.  Here are some money saving tips:

1. Buy a universal stroller sun cover.  We like this one from Jolly Jumper.  At $14.99 it is much more affordable than most brand name stroller specific covers. Plus the universal covers can also be used on playpens, carriers and umbrella strollers.

2. Use a stroller sun cover.  If you use a sun cover, you do not need to use sunscreen as often.

3. Dress baby in light weight, breathable long sleeved tops, long pants, socks and a hat.  All that's left to slather is from the neck up.

4. Invest in safe sunscreen.  Read the EWG (Skin Deep)'s 2012 Sunscreen Report here.

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