Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fitness Goals for New Moms

In our recent newsletter we asked the question, Is September the new January?   If you are a new mom who wants to set some fall fitness goals, this is the blog post for you.

Experts agree that the SMART principle increases goal adherence and we agree.  When setting goals be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.  

Let's try an example.  Sara's global goal is to lose 10 lbs.  So how does she get there?  If she writes lose 10lbs in her fitness journal it isn't all that helpful.  Let's help her turn her global goal into 3 SMART goals.

In September:
1. I will attend Mom & Baby Fitness Mondays and Wednesday.
2. I will go for a one hour power walk with my baby in the stroller on Fridays.
3. I will eat a healthy breakfast (3-4 food groups) by 10am everyday.

The results?
12 hours of exercise: More energy, less aches and pains, improved body tone, healthy weight loss,  increased confidence, improved mood and new friends.
30 healthy breakfasts: More energy, better food choices for the rest of the day, healthy weight loss, increased confidence, improved mood.

Sara has built some healthy habits and is now on her way to safely and effectively losing those 10lbs and keeping them off.  Once she has established these healthy habits she can choose 3 new SMART goals to focus on for October.

Note: A safe amount of weight to lose/week when breastfeeding exclusively is .5-1 lb/week.  When not exclusively breastfeeding, 1-2 lbs a week.

Take the challenge!

Plan out your weekly fitness plan for September and post it on our facebook page.  Check out the other plans and be inspired.  See someone you know, send them an encouraging message.   See someone with similar interests, connect with them and suggest exercising together.  Fit 4 Two is synonymous with community.  Let's support one another so that we all benefit from an active lifestyle.

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