Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Show YOU the Love!

You see them everywhere now.  Those big red and pink hearts displayed prominently in stores reminding us Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Retailers have a million and one ways to help you express your love to your sweetheart and family, but let's remember as moms, to stop and show ourselves a little love too. 

Compromise and sacrifice are just an accepted part of motherhood however, many of us fall into the habit of always putting our families first and rarely taking time for ourselves.  I'm sure you are familiar with the saying about how always doing for others eventually leaves us with nothing left to give. Let's take a breath and stop before we get to that point.

This month, in between helping your kids make Valentine's for the daycare, choosing the perfect gift for your sweetheart, and performing the umpteen  tasks you do on a daily basis,  think about something big or small you could do for yourself.  While mani/pedis and massages are always a sure pick-me-up, what would really make your heart sing?  If you are a creative person, perhaps having a couple hours alone over the weekend to work on a project would be just what you need to feel rejuvenated.   Watching a movie in the theatre by yourself can be wonderfully decadent.  Going for a run or walk with a close friend can help remind us that we are more than just mothers.  How about a girls night out or even a girls night in?  Watching an entire season of Downton Abbey in one go.  Why not?  What about just having one uninterrupted hour in the bathroom?  Bliss!    Whatever your (guilty) pleasure, make it a priority to indulge in an activity that leaves you revived.

Warning: You may have to ask for what you need and you will require cooperation from your family.  Do not let this dissuade you!  It will become easier with practice. Your family needs you to take care of yourself and they will ultimately benefit from a happier, revitalized you.

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  1. Great post Mel - we were talking about this in my Tummies 4 Mommies class this morning!


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