Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making Global Change

Since launching the online version of our Pre and Postnatal Fitness (PPFS) certification course in 2007, we have had students from over 45 cites in 11 countries.  To be specific:  Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Egypt, U.A.E., the U.K., Ireland, the USA and throughout Canada.

We support our very distant students through email and skype.  There is something special about those late night/early morning skype sessions.  We break down the barriers of language and geography through technology and patience. As a result we make a difference in the lives of women around the globe.

Our most recent PPFS graduate is Shaden Asad from Jerusalem.  Shaden is a certified Pilates instructor and Childbirth Educator. She is breaking some serious ground.  She is the first pre and postnatal fitness specialist in her country.  Now that's impressive.

We recently interviewed Shaden...

Fit 4 Two: Why did you decide to take the Fit 4 Two PPFS course?

Shaden: "I needed an online certification program, and decided to take the challenge to pass this specialty to the women in my community, which made me the first prenatal/postnatal certified fitness specialist in Palestine."

Fit 4 Two: Now that you are a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist, how will you apply what you have learned?

Shaden: "I offer childbirth education classes to expecting couples at my small studio "Hareer Mother & Baby Wellness".  Becoming a Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialists will add a lot to my special services to pregnant moms and surely after birth. Becoming a Childbirth Educator and a PPFS came out of my own experience through pregnancy and childbirth; it empowered me and I enjoyed every second of it by becoming well informed and helped me and my partner take well informed decisions. Simply I wanted every Palestinian woman to have this chance as well."

We look forward to hearing from Shaden as she begins her journey as a certified PPFS.

For more information about taking the PPFS by distance education click here.

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