Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What do moms really want for Christmas?

I have been polling the women in my classes and the most common responses are 'help' and 'rest'.  Here are a few ideas:

Healthy Food Made Easy
More time than money: homemade freezer meals, pre-portioned nuts with dried fruit, container full of fresh cut veggies and some yummy dip.
More money than time: Gift certificate to healthy meal delivery service like Licious Living, an in-home meal prep service like Nourish Mom or a meal prep storefront like Supper Central

Safe & Loving Childcare
More time than money: Make a sincere offer to babysit. Have your calendar handy.  
More money than time: Gift certificate for a babysitter connection service like Lullaby League or a nanny service like Nannies on Call

A Helping Hand
More time than money: Ask them for a list of errands and get them done.  Wash and vacuum their car.  Offer to clean their kitchen.
More money than time: Gift certificate for a concierge service like Urban Rush or Modern Life Management or a house cleaning service.

The Gift of Fitness
Fit 4 Two gift certificates are a great way to support new moms.  Our classes are safe, effective, functional and fun.  They are also a great place to connect with other moms.  Contact your local Fit 4 Two franchisee to purchase. 

From the Heart
Write the mom in your life a letter.  Tell her what you appreciate, admire, like and love about her.  Be specific.  Make sure she knows you think she is an amazing mother. 

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