Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Choosing a Prenatal Class

At Fit 4 Two, we offer a variety of prenatal fitness class types.  So how do you choose the right class for you?

Step One
See what is available in your area.  The types of classes we can offer in each community depends on instructor and facility availability.

Step Two
What else will you be doing?  Choose a class that compliments your other fitness activities.  The   guidelines for exercise during pregnancy are a helpful tool.  Aim for 3-4 days of cardiovascular training and 2-3 days of muscular conditioning.  Most of our class types include both.

Step Three
Choose activities that you enjoy.  If you love the water check out Prenatal AquaFit.  If you enjoy circuit style training try Prenatal Fitness.  If you already do cardio and strength on your own but want some assistance with relaxation and flexibility, join us for Prenatal Yoga.  A full listing of our prenatal class types can be found here.

Step Four
Make a weekly plan based on the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy.  Frequency is key when it comes to the many benefits of exercise during pregnancy.  If you find you are not working out on your own, consider registering for 2 or 3 Fit 4 Two classes a week.

Step Five
Pre-register.   If you wait to register until the first class you might miss out.  It could be full.  Worse, it could be cancelled because no one pre-registered.


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