Thursday, June 12, 2014

Choosing a Childbirth Education Class

You’re pregnant, with a thousand little details to sort out before the big day comes. You’re anxious, but you’re joyful. You’re nervous, but you’re excited.

On top of all of this you have to choose a childbirth education class. Where do you start? You already went through the overwhelming task of choosing a stroller - which probably took weeks and multiple pro & con lists. Now, you have another big decision to make.

Let’s make this as easy as we can.

Before we blindly throw ourselves into a class, we have to ask ourselves, why am I doing this? You may be taking a childbirth education class to build your confidence and to address the fears you have about labor. You may take a class to help guide your pain management and partner support during labor and delivery. You may be taking the class to just feel better prepared and informed. Identifying what YOU want out of the class, including birthing philosophies and class content, will help guide you to the best class for you. Do your research and discover what components you find most important! 

Try asking the following questions when you're digging around various websites. They will help guide your decision making process. 

What is the birth philosophy taught in class?
Think about what you find most valuable. Do you want the class that focuses solely on the educational component? Or would you be interested in incorporating an emotional aspect of birth as well?

What is the course curriculum? What is the learning style?
Check out what topics are covered during the class! You may be surprised to find topics like exercise and nutrition. Also look into how these topics are taught. Are they based on a lecture style or are they more interactive?

What is the class size? Where is the class?
It is important to consider both class location and size. Class location can have an impact on the dynamic of the class. Consider if you would be most comfortable in a hospital, community centre, or studio setting. Class size is also crucial. Are you looking for a class where you can meet other expecting moms and engage in a group discussion or would you prefer an individualized session?

*Did you know that doulas often come to your home to do a private session?

What are the class dates and time of day?
Some classes are offered all in one day, others are offered over a period of weeks. Look at the class schedule to see what works best for you.

*Remember: Keep in mind that classes fill up quickly. Be sure to do your research and sign up early!

What’s out there?
Find out about the classes in your area by visiting our resource page

Curious about trying a Fit 4 Two class?  Contact your local Fit 4 Two Instructor for a pass to try a FREE class.

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