Monday, May 5, 2014

Gestational Diabetes 101

You probably already know prenatal exercise can boost your energy, beat stress, improve sleep, control excessive weight gain and prepare you for labour, but did you know regular physical activity can help to manage gestational diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes (GD) is a type of diabetes 3-20% of women develop during pregnancy.  With a growing baby and changing hormone levels, a previously not-diabetic woman's body can become resistant to insulin. 

It is important to discuss your risk of developing GD with your health care provider.  He or she may recommend you take a glucose screening test at around 24 weeks.

If GD is left untreated, you will experience high blood sugar levels and are at risk for delivering a large baby along with complications during labour. 

Although gestational diabetes is temporary and goes away after your baby is born,  you are more likely to develop gestational diabetes with each subsequent pregnancy and you and baby are at greater risk of developing adult onset diabetes in the future. To learn more about GD, click here. 

The good news is that unlike diabetes mellitus, insulin is not always required to control gestational diabetes.  GD is commonly managed with diet and regular exercise. 

Be active and have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.  Contact your local Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness franchisee to find out which prenatal classes are being offered in your community. 

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