Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 Great Reasons to Exercise in the Water During Pregnancy

1. Weightlessness!  
A submerged body weighs approximately 1/10 of its weight on land.

2. Constant CORE workout.
Abdominal & back muscles need to be activated for pelvic stability & balance in the water. This means you can expect to work your core muscles through the entire class.  A strong core is essential for preventing back pain, injuries and pelvic floor discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Work out smarter not longer
Work agonistic and antagonist muscles at the same time.  Ex.  When you do a bicep curl in the water, you also work your triceps as you extend your arms.  

4. Easier on your body
Reduces stress to joints and connective tissue

5. Improves flexibility and range of motion
Notice hoe much more freely you can move in the water.

6. Feels good
Perception of lower exercise intensity without a decrease in the benefits of exercise

7. Improves circulation
Hydrostatic pressure (force exerted on body by water) improves circulation by aiding venous return to your body.  Better circulation means less constipation, varicosities and leg cramps.

8. Less risk of overheating
A cool pool prevents overheating because heart doesn’t have to work as hard to cool the body down during exercise.  May also be a reason heart rate is often lower during aquatic classes. 

9. Enjoy being on your back
Buoyancy enables you to be on your back without as much interruption of blood flow to you and your baby.

10. Be ready for anything
Aquatic exercise develops balance and co-ordination.

Packing list
Water bottle – bring it to the deck
Lock (or rent $1)
Towel (or rent $1)
Swim suit and sports bra to wear underneath

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