Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guided Relaxations

5 Minute Relaxation
• Loosen your clothing and get comfortable. Breathe deeply and slowly

• Pull your toes towards your shins. Hold for a count of 10. Relax and enjoy the sensation of release from tension. Flex the muscles of your thighs. Hold for a count of 5-10. Relax. 

• Move slowly up through your body- glutes, pelvic floor, abdomen, back, neck, face- contracting and relaxing muscles as you go. 

10 minute Relaxation
• Get in a comfortable position. Minimally tighten your right fist so that you feel only the smallest amount of tension. Hold it at this level. Be sure you continue to breathe... Now let go and relax... Observe the difference in feelings between the right and left arm and fist. 

• Now minimally tighten your left fist. Hold at this level so that you just feel the tightening... Let go and relax. Let the relaxation spread through the arms and the rest of the body. 

• No tighten ever so slightly the following parts of your body.  Each time tighten only to the point at which you can observe tension, where you can observe tension, where you become conscious of or can "feel" the tension. Hold the tensions at that level, and be sure you tighten only the intended muscle while the rest of the body stays quiet and relaxed. Be sure you continue to breathe. Each time you let go, let those parts relax further and further. Tighten ever so slightly your scalp... let go and relax... Let the face become smooth and soft... Let the eyes sink into their sockets... Now slightly tighten the throat and neck. Hold it... Let go and relax. 

• While continuing to breathe, minimally tighten the triceps. Be sure the neck eyes and tongue are relaxed... Let go. 

• Raise your shoulders to your ears minimally. Be sure the neck stays loose. Observe how the shoulders feel different from the rest of the body... Let go and relax. Feel the relaxation sinking through the body... Minimally tighten the stomach. Keep breathing... Let go and relax. Minimally tighten the buttocks... Let go and relax. Minimally tighten the feet, calves, and thighs... Let go and relax. Now minimally tense every muscle in your body so that you just feel the minimum tension... jaws... eyes... shoulders... arms... chest... back... legs... stomach... Be sure you keep breathing. 

• Now take a deep breath…. Exhale and feel the relaxation and calmness developing. Note the feeling of heaviness.  Slowly come back to the present and get up slowly.

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