Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sports Bras and Breastfeeding

Taking care of your breasts has never been more important

Wearing a supportive sports bra during exercise…
• Reduces discomfort
• Prevents neck, back and shoulder pain
• Prevents damage to breast tissue and ligaments
• Makes exercise more enjoyable
• Allows you to exercise freely

Wearing a well-fitting nursing bra the rest of the day…
• Reduces discomfort
• Prevents neck, back and shoulder pain
• Prevents damage to breast tissue and ligaments
• Prevents clogged ducts and therefore mastitis (breast infection)
• Allows for proper circulation and maximum milk supply

It is good to know…
There is no such thing as a nursing sports bra.  They are nursing bras that look like sports bras but they do not have the support needed in a proper sports bra.  

Breastfeeding moms should not wear a sports bra for more than a couple of hours.  Most sports bras use compression as a means for support. Prolonged compression can send messages to your body that you are trying to wean and this can reduce your milk supply.  In addition, prolonged compression could contribute to clogged milk ducts.  

There are a few sports bras on the market that have straps that adjust in the front.  This makes it easier to access your breasts during exercise.  Check out the Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort.

Pulling your sports bra over or under your breasts to nurse can damage breast tissue and may even lead to clogged milk ducts. If your sports bra does not have straps that adjust in the front, we recommend sliding one of the straps over your shoulder and then sliding your arm out. 

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