Monday, September 14, 2015

Myth: Pregnant women should continue with their pre-pregnancy exercise routine.

We read this a lot online.  

Where it comes from: The author is usually trying to communicate that it is safer for pregnant women to do things that they are used to.  This makes sense, but it is just half of the sentence.

Perhaps a better way to say it is...

Pregnant women should continue with their per-pregnancy exercise routine so long as it follows the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy.

and maybe add...

Previously inactive pregnant woman should ease into an exercise program that follows the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy
When we leave out the second half of the sentence we may be putting women at risk.  When we neglect to give guidance to women who were inactive before they became pregnant, we are preventing them from the many important benefits of an active pregnancy

There are specific guidelines for frequency, intensity, time and type for both cardiovascular exercise and strength training.  These guidelines apply to all healthy pregnant women with normal pregnancies.  Fit 4 Two recommends completing a PARmed-X for Pregnancy form with your doctor or midwife prior when making decisions about exercise during pregnancy.

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