Sunday, February 7, 2016

Preparing for Your Growing Baby

Most babies double their birth weight in the first 2 to 4 months.  You need muscles!  Try this fun test to see if you are MUSCLE READY for parenting.

Hold an 8lb dumbbell in one hand.  Make it your dominant hand.  Now move your hand about a foot from your side body.  Walk around.  Now take that weight another foot away from your side body.  How’s that feeling?  Chances are, not good.  Ouch! 

The average infant car seat holding a newborn dressed in one layer with a blanket on top is 18lbs!!!  You are holding 8 lbs!!!  Are you beginning to get my point? 

From the day you take your baby home from the hospital you are going to need a strong and stable body.  Pregnancy is your opportunity to prepare.  You won’t regret it. Click here for prenatal strength training guidelines and tips.

 P.S. It’s always best to click your car seat into the stroller rather than carry it around for any length of time.  Carrying that much weight that far from your side body for a long time can mess with your rotator cuffs.  As a new parent, you don’t have time for an injury. 

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