Monday, March 21, 2016

Why Babies Benefit from Fit 4 Two Classes

Tummy Time: Wanting to watch mom and look at the other babies will motivate your little one to spend more time on his tummy.  Tummy time will strengthen his neck, shoulders and trunk muscles while preventing flattened head syndrome. 

Visual Tracking: As baby watches you move from side to side or forward and backward he develops his ability to track objects and strengthen his vision.          

Separation Anxiety: Many babies go through separation anxiety.  Attending Fit 4 Two classes with your baby from a young age helps teach him that even when you are moving around the room, you are still there and you'll always come back. 

Role Modeling: Children who see both parents being active are 5.8X more likely to be active themselves. It is never too early to begin being an active role model