Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nellie's All-Natural - Safety and Performance

Pregnancy is a great motivator for many women to improve their health and lifestyle. As a Fit 4 Two® participant we know you're already convinced exercise is good for you and baby and many of you are trying to make healthier food choices more often. New parents baby-proof the house and research oodles of baby products for health and efficiency.  What many parents are unaware of, is in their attempt to have a clean and safe place for baby, they might actually be increasing the environmental toxins in their home. Meet Nellie's All Natural.

Nellie's Safety AND Performance 

According to The David Suzuki Organization "Canadians spend more than $275 million on household cleaning products in a year. We buy these products to fight germs, streaks, stains and odours to keep our homes sparkling clean. Cleaning is supposed to be about maintaining a healthy home, yet some common household cleaning products contain chemicals that can harm human health and the environment."

Since having my own baby, I've tried several kinds of "natural" cleaners and been underwhelmed with their performance, but I was willing to compromise. I figured having no chemicals or perfumes in my household cleaning products was the priority. Having the whitest whites was not something I was going to stress about. A few times, I even attempted to make my own, but it ended up being more work than was worth it. When I found out they were a Canadian company (North Vancouver!), I was definitely curious to try out Nellie's All Natural products. 

Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Products

I tried Nellie's Laundry Soda and was quite pleased with the results. My family`s clothes looked and smelled clean, but not perfumy. Ironically, I got a mossy green stain on my knee taking the above photo, but I treated it with the lemongrass WOW stick before throwing it in the wash and got the stain right out. 

Nellie's also make a vegetable-based baby laundry soap which has an oxygen brightener built right in. It is designed to be gentle on baby's skin, yet effective on protein (read poop) stains. The all natural lamby dryer balls help reduce drying time significantly. For me, it cut down the drying time by about 15 minutes, which helped to get one of my most unfavourite chores done much sooner. I also feel better about reusing the dryer balls vs using disposable dryer sheets. If you like lavender, you'll love their scented dryer ball. 

Nellie`s All-Natural Cleaners

I also tried three of their household cleaners in the bathroom. While some chemical cleaners will make your eyes water and take your breath away, the natural lemongrass scent in Nellie's was subtle, pleasant and left my bathroom shiny and clean.  What else could you want in a cleaner?

Nellie's products are non-toxic, biodegradable and not tested on animals. For more info click here. After trying several Nellie's All Naturals, I know you don't have to compromise safety for performance.

Fit 4 Two® Client Special

Stop by the Nellie's All-Natural booth at the Vancouver Home and Design show Oct 27-30. Purchase the show bundle pictured below for $100 and get an extra 50 wash soda for FREE when you mention Fit 4 Two®.

*this post was sponsored by Nellie`s All Natural, but all opinions are my own.