Thursday, November 23, 2017

Small Business Saturday. Meet Erin Gabriel.

Did you know that each Fit 4 Two® location is locally owned and operated?

Erin Gabriel joined our team summer 2017 as the new Fit 4 Two® Surrey franchisee. Her and her husband Aiden are the proud parents of toddler Austin.   

“I love seeing moms come to class with their little babies looking around at new faces, and progress through making new friends, babies growing, and getting stronger and confident!” says Erin.

A typical day for Erin includes serving customers; training team members; working with our facilities; marketing; accounting; planning; brainstorming; organizing and of course parenting her young son.

I asked Erin what she you wished people knew or understood about what it is like to be a small business owner and her response was “We think about our business - all - the - time! And We’re juggling life with business life. It’s a fun ride and we really appreciate you as a customer, we couldn’t be here without you.”

“I love the variety of things I get to do every day, really being able to make decisions and effect where my business is going.  I feel proud of working in my community, with the women on our Fit 4 Two® team and with our participants. I love it!”

You can support small business by registering for a Fit 4 Two® class or purchasing a Fit 4 Two® giftcertificate for family and friends. Thank you for your support! #smallbusinesssaturday

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