Thursday, November 23, 2017

Small Business Saturday. Meet Marina Lundquist.

Prior to becoming a Fit 4 Two® franchisee in 2013, Marina taught classes for Fit 4 Two® Langley. When the opportunity to be her own boss became available, she couldn't wait to get started.

I asked Marina what she loves about being a small business owner and she said, “I love the flexibility of being there for my family and I love being a part of my community.” 

A typical day for Marina begins 6:30am when she enjoys some quiet office time, checks her email and manages her social networking posts. Then the family is up and she is in ‘mom mode’. Getting lunch ready, daughter to school, housework, and walking the dog. Usually, she teaches classes all day and some in the evening, so she may not get back to her office for a couple of days. That's when her mobile office comes in handy. She enjoys taking a break between classes at the various local facilities.  She can have a coffee and chat with the locals and check her inbox and respond to more emails and social networking. She gets home just before it's time to pick up her daughter from school and switch back to ‘mom mode’.

“I love my career and owning my own small business makes me love what I do and the people I meet even more. Owning a small business is rewarding beyond words. There is something about watching your hard work and accomplishments grow that puts everything into perspective. Where you are in life and what is important. I love supporting the local community and being a part of what makes Langley/Aldergrove special and a great place to live.”

Being a small business owner isn’t always easy.  “Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed or stressed about all the details and work that goes into owning a small business, my husband says "talk to the boss". I realize, I'm the boss and I have a good laugh. Owning a small business is a lot of work but when reminded that I'm the one that makes the schedule. and I'm the one that put the work together that makes the magic happen, I realize the stress can be managed. Then I get out my yoga mat and a glass of wine and chill out.” says Marina.

You can support small business by registering for a Fit 4 Two® class or purchasing a Fit 4 Two® gift certificate for family and friends. Thank you for your support! #smallbusinesssaturday

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