Monday, February 19, 2018

Is your partner pregnant? This post is for you.

5 things you can do to help your partner have an active and healthy pregnancy

Did you know that exercise is not just safe, but strongly recommended during pregnancy? Would you like to help your partner have less aches and pains, reduce her chances of developing gestational diabetes, sleep better, have more energy, and develop stamina for labour and parenting? Do you want her to have optimal mental health during and after pregnancy? Well then here are 5 things you can start doing to help:

1. Join her! It’s a lot more motivating to exercise with a partner.  Invite your partner for a walk after dinner each evening.   Schedule a Saturday morning gym date. 

2. Take on more than your share of your home and family responsibilities.  This will free up time for her to exercise regularly.

3. Encourage her to find a prenatal fitness or yoga program led by a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist so that she feels safe and supported while exercising. 

4. If you have another child at home, offer to take on a greater share of the bedtime tasks so your partner can get out to class or hit the gym after work. When Fit 4 Two aulum Nicole was pregnant with her second daughter, her husband (pictured above) would stay with her older daughter so that Nicole could come to classes and go swimming.

5. Make time for your own exercise too.  The healthier you are the more supportive you can be.  

Find a Fit 4 Two class in your community.

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