Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What Dr. McLchlan has to say

Healthcare providers are an integral part of a pregnant woman's village.

Meet village member Dr. Donna McLachlan.  Dr. McLachlan is a well-loved family physician in Vancouver B.C. who specializes in obstetrics.  We asked her how she helps women enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle during pregnancy. 

“I always encourage my pregnant patients to start an exercise program in pregnancy even if it has not been a big part of their lives in the past. On top of the health benefits I think it is so important to have a circle of women that are at the same age and stage in their parenting journey and to build a village."

We also asked her for one piece of exercise advice she gives to her prenatal patients. “My favorite go to exercise is just a simple supported deep squat...that is the position many women end up in in childbirth and it you have been doing them in pregnancy I think It helps you feel stronger and more comfortable in that stance in labour.”

You can read more about Dr. Donna McLachlan here.

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