Monday, March 26, 2018

Our Gear Picks for Stroller Fitness Season

Parents often ask us about our favourite gear for outdoor classes.  Here are a few of our favs.  You can pick up most of these items locally but we have provided Amazon purchase links* as well. 

The Manhattan Toy Winkel

Why we like it: Tiny Fit 4 Two hands have been grasping and holding onto this light weight toy since 2006.  It's made of safe, BPA free plastic for teething and promotes 2-handed play.  
It also easily attaches to rings....which we will get to next.

Click here to purchase. CA$13.01*


Why we like them: These are the epitome of multi-use.  They are BPA free for teething, freezer safe, a toy on their own, attach a few to one main ring and they you have a rattle, easy to grasp and hold onto, AND you can link them together to make a chain and attach baby's toys to your stroller! No more lost toys!

Click here to purchase CA$13.19*

Snooze Shade

Why we like it:
It fits most strollers well, it has very high level of UV protection and the front zipper is perfect for checking on baby.

Click here to purchase $39.99*

Sportneer Water Resistant Blanket 

Why we like it: Durable, water resistant, generously sized, folds up easily, great for core & stretch at Fit 4 Two Stroller Fitness or a picnic at the beach.

Click here to purchase CA$19.99 *

THINK Baby Sun Screen

Why we like it: It has a rating of 1 (that's really good) on the EWG Skin Deep Data Base  and parents tell us it works well. Remember that sun screen is for babies 6 month and up. For younger babies invest in a good stroller sun cover and hat. 

Click here to purchase. CA$21.30*

Baby Bandz

Why we like them: These have been a favourite at Fit 4 Two since 2004. They offer excellent UV protection, babies don't seem to mind them and they stay on even the wiggliest baby.

Click here to purchase. CA$18.99*

Excited for outdoor classes? Click here to find a class near you. Not sure what to expect at an outdoor class? Click here for more info.

*The prices listed here were accurate March 26, 2018 at and subject to change on Full disclosure: We are an Amazon affiliate so if you make a purchase via the links above we will earn a small commission. 

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