Monday, March 26, 2018

Packing List for Outdoor Fit 4 Two Classes

Stroller Fitness and Stroller Bootcamp give you the opportunity to exercise with baby outdoors! So what should you bring to class?

1. Stroller. You do not need a jogging stroller.  For safety reasons, no umbrella strollers please.

2. Carrier. If baby times out in the stroller you’ll have a safe, ergonomic way to carry her for the rest of class.

3. Full Water Bottle (or two).

4. Yoga Mat or Water Resistant Blanket.  We lie these down on the grass or soft playground surface for the core and stretch. Check out our favourite blanket-to-go on our Gear Post.

5. Exercise Band* Be sure to purchase yours from your Fit 4 Two® instructor so it is professional quality and a good value.

6. Diaper Bag Items. Diaper bags can be heavy.  Consider putting your basic baby needs for two diaper changes and a possible wardrobe change in a small light weight bag or Ziploc bag under your stroller.

7. Feeding needs.

8. ‘Keep Baby Happy’ tools.  For younger babies this might mean soothers and toys.  For older babies and tots this might mean a variety of snacks and toys.  Check out these awesome rings that you can use to attach toys to your stroller.

9. Sun/Rain Protection.  Sun: UV stroller cover, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen. (See our fav picks here) Rain: rain cover, rain jacket.

10. Reusable coffee mug and coffee money. Social health is vital to physical and mental health.  When you can, go for that coffee with the other moms after class.

Find a Fit 4 TwoⓇ Class near you

*Some locations sell gym-quality resistance bands that you can bring to each class and use for your at home workouts.

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