Monday, March 26, 2018

What to Expect at Fit 4 TwoⓇ Stroller Fitness

Trying a new class for the first time can be intimidating. Especially when you’re trying a class with your new baby.  But have no fear! You got this!

Fit 4 twoⓇ Stroller Fitness classes are a supportive environment where new moms come together to be active and create new friendships. We are a safe place, a place where attending to your child’s needs is encouraged!

What should you expect when coming to an outdoor Stroller Fitness class? Classes typically start in the foyer of your community center or park. It is there that you can pay your drop in or registration fee and meet your instructor. After everyone has completed their online intake forms (you can help class start on time by completing this form ahead of time), we’re off for a full-body workout!

As a stroller caravan we set out on our expedition. We begin with a brisk power walk and warm-up moves to raise our heart rate and prepare for exercise. Our goal for the class is to keep both mom and baby happy by delicately balancing our short power walking intervals with cardio and strength training drills along our route.

Although we never actually run with the strollers, you can expect a class that will get your heart rate up, build strength, improve posture and strengthen your core.

During our stops, we like to target common muscular imbalances that are common to new moms. This often includes exercises that help our posture, tone our arms and legs and engage our core and pelvic floor. For example, one stop station may include lunges and partner shoulder work using a resistance band.

Now what is baby doing during all of this? Some babies will be asleep in their stroller, some will happily be watching mom. If baby does need some attention, we understand. Taking a quick break or adjusting your exercise is more than acceptable.

After our strength and cardio work, we dedicate the last 10-15 minutes to postnatal specific core and stretching.  We teach progressively in order to include moms with or without Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).  We do a full body stretch paying special attention to areas that are typically tight for new parents like the chest and lower back.

And after class? Why not grab a coffee with some of the moms you met!

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