Monday, March 26, 2018

Your First Outdoor Fitness Class With Baby

Some tips from the trenches...

1. Choose a class time when your baby likes being in the stroller.  This increases your chances of having either a sleeping baby or a content awake baby.

2. Bring your carrier. If baby times out in the stroller you’ll have a safe, ergonomic way to carry her for the rest of class.

3. Pack your stroller the night before.  Then you can focus on getting you and your baby ready in the morning instead of rushing around looking for your keys. Pack: water bottle, yoga mat, resistance band*, baby items, and weather needs. Check out our packing list here.

4. Complete your online intake form ahead of time. This will prevent a late start.

5. Leave a little early. Leave time for the unexpected and avoid feeling rushed.

6. Know the class route.  If you are late, the class may already have left the meeting place.  If you know your route, you can catch up more easily.

7. Speak Up.  Let your instructor know if an exercise is causing you pain so we can give you an alternative.  Exercise is NOT supposed to hurt.  If you cannot see or hear your instructor, let her know.

8. Try to go with the flow.  If you are late, avoid rushing.  We would rather you arrive safe and stress-free. If your baby begins to cry, remind yourself that you are in a safe space.  Attend to your baby as you would at home.  Because we stop and go as well as double back, you’ll be able to find us.

9. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.  It is entirely possible that the very first class doesn’t go well.  We’ve observed that in an eight-class session, most moms will have at least one day they wish they could do over.  Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at the very first class.  If it does, try not to let it get you down.  Try again.  If the second class doesn’t go well either, you might consider a different class type, time of day or waiting a couple more weeks. As you have learned already, parenting is all about trouble shooting.

10. Go for that coffee after class.  Aside from regular exercise and eating well, one of the healthiest things you can do for you and your baby is to connect with others.  As these new friendships grow, so will your support network.  Remember to bring your reusable coffee mug.

Click here to find a Fit 4 TwoⓇ Stroller Fitness Class near you!

*Some locations sell gym-quality resistance bands that you can bring to each class and use for your at home workouts.

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