Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mama Needs to Hydrate

We all know that drinking water is important, but why? 
Is it even more important when pregnant? When breastfeeding?

Why we all need to drink enough water
*Increases energy
*Improves circulation
*Promotes cellular health
*Regulates body temperature
*Improves digestion
*Lubricates joints
*Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
*Prevents headaches, lack of focus, and dizziness
*Prevents cravings for unhealthy foods

More reasons to hydrate if pregnant
*Prevents muscle cramps (Ie leg and foot cramps)
*Prevents varicose veins (improved circulation)
*Prevents hemorrhoids (improved circulation and digestion)
*Prevents constipation (improved digestion)

More reasons to hydrate if postpartum
*Helps with healing varicose veins (improved circulation)
*Helps with healing hemorrhoids (improved circulation and digestion)
*Increases energy….especially when sleep deprived
*Assists in maintaining milk production for breastfeeding women

So how much water should we drink?

Generally speaking, you want to aim for 8-10 cups (2,000-2,500) ml) each day.  If you are breastfeeding, aim for 10.

If you have one of our Fit 4 Two water bottles, they hold 590ml….so you want to drink 3.5-4 full Fit 4 Two water bottles each day.


*Drink 500 ml or more of water upon waking for the day.  If you are usually home alone with baby, keep some filled water bottles in the fridge that you can grab one before you settle in to feed baby.

*Drink 500ml or more of water during your fitness class.  If you fill and drink one Fit 4 Two water bottle, that will be 590ml.

*When afternoon fatigue stats to set in, reach for that water bottle instead of a processed snack.

*Keep a water bottle at your desk/in your stroller/at your infant feeding station and sip, sip, sip. 

*Drink 250ml or more before dinner and 250ml or more during dinner. 

*If you are prone to heartburn and acid reflux you may need to keep your water and your food separate.

*If you really don't love water, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime.  Clear, caffeine-free, herbal teas count as water intake as well.

*Write a blog post on water....I have finished a full Fit 4 Two water bottle researching and writing this post lol. 

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