About Melanie

Melanie began Fit 4 Two in 2003 out of a passion to help women enjoy active pregnancies.  With the birth of her son came the addition of postnatal fitness classes.  It wasn't long before Melanie realized that her classes were more than physical fitness.  They provided a safe place for women to ask questions, share their thoughts and support one another.

In 2006, Melanie created the opportunity for women in other communities to attend Fit 4 Two classes by franchising.  While her business was growing so was her family.  In late 2006, Baby Olivia joined Big Brother Caden.

Melanie continues to break the myths around pregnancy and exercise by training certified fitness instructors and personal trainers to become pre and postnatal fitness specialists, writing for various publications and speaking at Fitness Conferences.  She is the main contributor for the Fit 4 Two blog.

You can contact her at melanie@fit4two.ca

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